Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sunnyvale Farmer's Market - Romanesco Broccoli & Choy Sum

I did the weekly run to the Farmer's Market alone today since V is feeling a little under the weather. It was beautiful weather outside however and the market was absolutely buzzling with crowds.

The Farmer's Market helps us keep it both healthy and affordable. We pick up everything we need for the week, both fruits and vegetables for anywhere between $20 to $30, and we don't have to go anywhere else. Well, the only other stuff we pick up at the grocery store are green chilies, ginger, cilantro (if I cannot find it in the market), milk and eggs.

Today with a 20 dollar bill, I picked up around 3 lbs of mandarin oranges, couple of daikon radishes, 1 head of cabbage, yams, garlic, yellow onions, 2 bunches of some chinese greens, and 2 heads of "romanesco" broccoli.

A quick google search told me that the Chinese greens are called "Choy Sum".

Pictures below of the romanesco broccoli and choy sum are mine:

We love the market because it happens right in downtown, and we can sit down in one of the cafe's and get a bite to eat (or even brunch) if we feel like it.

(Our previous Farmer's Market post here has a picture of the market.)

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