Sunday, June 7, 2009

Dosa Place in Santa Clara

Dosa Place
2665 El Camino Real, Santa Clara, CA
(408) 243-3672

This place dishes up comfort food for any true-blooded South Indian. Dosas are basically thin crepes made from rice & lentils eaten in Southern India (Tamil Nadu and other states) for breakfast or a mini-meal in the evenings. It is meant to be eaten hot off the griddle, so usually one person of the household is dishing it out, while the others are at the table. The trouble is that it is so hard to stop eating dosas, that the person in the kitchen could be stuck there for a very long time!

Variations of the standard dosa exist, making it a very versatile item. Infact "Dosa Place" boasts of atleast 50 varieties. The "DP Speciality Dosa" section in the menu is the one to focus on if you are visiting there for the first time.

We would heartily recommend the DP Special Rava Masala Dosa. Thin and crispy and served with three chutneys and sambar, it is truly delicious and disappears in no time. Yesterday I got this (pictured below with our crossword puzzle which we quickly abandoned when the dosa arrived), and they got it just right. V ordered the "Adai Avial". The avial was awesome, but the adai felt like it was microwaved.

We have been to Dosa Place several times in the past including with some guests visiting from Germany. One guest skipped over the dosas in the menu and ordered the Gobi Manchurian from the "Indo Chinese" section, and surprisingly it turned out to be a good choice - not too spicy for her palate. Our other guest ordered the "Kal Dosa" which is soft and thick and very filling.

Yesterday our bill came out to around $16 with tax. They give a 5% discount for paying by cash.

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