Thursday, April 12, 2007

A Vegetarian in Paris

A quest for vegetarian food in Paris would prompt most people to give up and say "let's just eat pizza". But V & I are determined to ferret out the hidden veggie spots everywhere! V's meticulous planning of our wonderful Paris trip included eating at "La Potager du Marais" located on Ru Rambuteau close to the Pompidou Centre.

We made reservations for Saturday night dinner at La Potager du Marais (our waitress explained to us that it meant Garden of Vegetables), and in our eagerness we got there about an hour early! We found the place buzzing with people, and so we had to go out for a long walk to build up our appetite. The restaurant is a long narrow corridor with a single line of tables placed edge to edge. When we got back, our waitress had to pull out a table to let one of us get to the other side.

Since I procrastinated on writing this blog (shame on me!), I do not have exact descriptions of the items we ordered. All I remember is that the food was very good -- in fact we went back the following day. (We would have gone back a third time, but they were closed on Mondays!)

V got a "crepe" dish filled with lot of yummy veggies (leek and potatoes and other), and I got some delicious falafel which came with a side of home-made tomato sauce.

The bill came to US $35 with tips - which is not so bad considering this was Paris!!

Another trick we adopted to survive in Paris as a vegetarian was to get freshly baked baguettes every day and some hummus to go with it. We put this in our backpack so that we could have lunch on the road!


learning the ropes said...

Oh man! I should have read this blog earlier. I have just came back from Paris this week. Being a vegetarian, I just chickened out at the prospect of hunting for veggie food and decided to rent an apartment with kitchenette. We cooked our meals on most days, the only meal we ate out ( a veggie pizza) was awful. I would have checked out this restaurant, had I read your blog earlier.

VnV said...

Hi there - thanks for the comment. I can understand how you felt in Paris.... so sad so much for the civilized world is still not vegetarian-friendly.

Leonardo Contreira said...

thanks for the comment, I'm going there this weekend and check it out!