Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Krishna restaurant in Fremont

Krishna Restaurant
40645 Fremont Blvd # 1,
Fremont, CA‎
(510) 656-2336

There are difficult hikes and then there are dreaded ones. Mission Peak in Fremont is one of those dreaded ones, V feels so more than I do. We hiked with our friends, P & V. P seems to agree with that view, whereas V calls it a "moderately difficult hike". On paper, the specs look fairly benign (~2000 ft ascent in 3 miles) and we have done more difficult hikes, but Mission Peak always seems daunting.

We wouldn't have kept our steadfast pace up and down the mountain if we didn't have visions of Krishna's Gujarati thali floating in front of our eyes. The two guys declared the day before that the hike was worth doing only for the reward of the post-hike lunch at Krishna.

We finished our hike with perfect timing, a little before 11:30, which is when Krishna opens its doors for lunch on Saturdays. There was no one else at the restaurant when we arrived. V says in the halcyon days of silicon valley, there would be a line of people waiting to get in to Krishna when it opened.
We went inside to wash our hands at the sink and I was pleased to see how clean the kitchen was maintained. We each ordered the lunch thali, but to start off, we ordered a couple of appetizers - the "khaman dhokla" and the "kachori". We all loved the spongy "khaman dhokla" which came with a green chutney. I wasn't too sure of the "kachori" stuffed with green peas, which came with a sweet tamarind chutney, but everyone else seemed to dig it.

The lunch thali ($5.50 on weekends) contained white dhokla with mint chutney, carrot pickles, rice, roti and a choice of one of two curries of the day, which was chana masala or aloo mutter that day. (V had the rice on his plate swapped out for more roti.) We also got a cup of daal each, which we all relished thoroughly. Gujarati daal tends to be a little sweet, but this was just right. I thought the two curries were okay, but somehow they were satisfying like only a home-cooked meal can be. Our dessert was one piece of besan barfi each. (Ofcourse I got V's share being the one in the family with the sweet tooth). Even with all these items, portions are pretty small at Krishna, and one has to order a couple of side orders of snacks if you are really hungry.

Krishna is an all-vegetarian restaurant. The bill came to $8 per person - definitely cheap eats! However V was still hungry when we left the restaurant - guess the meal didn't make up for all the calories we burnt at Mission Peak.

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