Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Gelato Classico in Mountain View

Gelato Classico Italian Icecream
241 Castro St
Mountain View, CA
(650) 969-2900

V has been promising to take me to this famous gelato establishment for the longest time, since he knows my weakness for icecreams and gelatos, but for some reason, we were not able to make it all this time. Finally, our friend Ken's birthday gave us the perfect excuse to indulge! After a so-so dinner at Hangen Szechuan restaurant on Castro street in downtown Mountain View, we strolled over to Gelato Classico for just a peek. But we were hooked when we looked at the variety!

We each got a small cup with different flavors. Ken got the Mocha Almond Fudge and seemed to enjoy it. I got the Burgundy Cherry because it looked so pink and irresistible. V went for the unusual flavor of Honey Lavender. V and I traded a couple of times to savor both flavors equally, but to tell the truth, V's selection was unbeatable. It had a mellow fragrance of lavender and just pure honey sweetness. We sat outside to enjoy both our gelato and the cool Bay area evening as we watched the crowds on Castro.

The price is quite reasonable at $2.95 for the small cup, which is plenty for an after-dinner dessert. (I do plan to skip dinner one day and come back here and make a meal of the different flavors!! )



How far is Mountain View from SF?

VnV said...

Not too far, a 40 minute drive or so. Or can be reached by Caltrain.

Anonymous said...

There's also a Gelato Classico shop in North Beach on Union St. in SF.