Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Layang Layang in San Jose

Who are these people who don't beleive in global warming? They should have visited the bay area last weekend. It was unseasonably warm and V and I were lamenting just that when we stepped outside for a workout. We talked about the drought conditions in the state, and whether this year's spring flower season will be as brilliant as last year's.

By the time we got to Layang Layang (technically in San Jose, but close to Cupertino) for lunch, we were quite warm. The restaurant is in a non-descript building by itself on a busy road. We had been here before around 2 years back and remembered it was quite good. We were not disappointed this time either. They have a separate vegetarian section in the menu which always pleases us.

Usually we order the "Roti Canai" (see review of Rasa Malaysia) for appetizer, but this time we decided to try something different and ordered the Roti Buddhist. This came with the same dipping sauce as the Roti Canai but the roti itself was stuffed with egg and vegetables. We didn't hate it, but we will stick with the Roti Canai next time. Service was excellent. We asked for some more curry sauce and it arrived very promptly at the table.

For the main course, I had to order "Kang Kung" or Chinese water spinach. It was simply stir fried in a garlic sauce, and was delicious.

V ordered the Sarang Veggie - the menu had a suggestive note "It's a must" - how could we not order it! The dish came in a "taro root nest" and was filled with vegetables and cashews. The outer shell (fried taro) was quite delicious, although not sure how healthy.

The bill came to $36 for the two of us with tax and tip, which we felt was a bit steep for lunch. Otherwise, in terms of service and food, the place was great.

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