Thursday, September 13, 2007

Merit Vegetarian

As I was driving along Lawrence Expressway, I noticed a new vegetarian restaurant near Arques and immediately my antenna went up! I called V up, and we decided to try it out the same day for lunch. Merit Vegetarian opened just a couple of weeks back and is a Vietnamese “fake-meat” place. We were greeted by the very friendly owner and seated at a booth at our request. The interior has been newly redecorated and is very pleasing and comfortable.

The menu has a separate “Lunch Specials” section which applies Monday through Friday with items priced at $7 each. Each item is served with white or brown rice. The lunch selection is small but interesting and the service is impeccable.

V’s eyes zeroed in on the “Spicy Lemongrass Beef”, which turned out to be really spicy and flavorful. The pressed tofu had a strong lemongrass zing.

I ordered the “Spicy Mongolian Delight Mine which had a sweet curry taste and contained fake chicken pressed tofu and some vegetables. While we were eating, the cook came out and greeted us and asked us about the food, which was really nice. Also, the owner came out and gave us complimentary desserts (a tofu custard) which was not too sweet – I ate both mine and V’s.

All in all, we loved the place and are planning to go back soon for dinner.

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