Thursday, October 7, 2010

Blue Mango

Blue Mango
4996 Stevens Creek Blvd
San Jose, CA 95129
(408) 248-7191

After a long hiatus, V and I got the opportunity to go to Blue Mango again last night when our friend, D, decided to treat us and a couple of her other friends to dinner; the common interest being that we were all theatre lovers. It all started with free tickets to see “Black Pearl Sings” at the San Jose Repertory Theatre from Davia’s friend, whom we had never met. V and I thoroughly enjoyed the unique production, which had wonderful singing on top of a great story. The dinner gave us a chance to meet our generous benefactor!

D had reservations for us at 7 PM. The place tends to be quite popular, especially with Indians, since they have a separate full fledged vegetarian menu in addition to a regular menu. Now that is the kind of place we like!! We were seated immediately.

D ordered the appetizer platter and also the sweet potato fries to kick off dinner. The appetizer platter came with three vegetarian choices - the edamame beans, wontons, and vegetarian spring rolls. The fries were too oily and flavorless. The spring rolls were a hit, eventhough they were deep-fried. I didn’t get to try the wontons, but they looked pretty good as well. The edamame was very good - in addition to steaming the edamame in the pod, they had marinated the pods a garlicy, spicy paste. I snapped the picture too late, when everything except the wontons and a little bit of the edamame were gone.

For the main course, V ordered his standard “Dried chili and cashew curry” and I got the Panang curry, both extra spicy. V felt that they have changed the recipe of his favorite dish and it has lot its sting, so he might try something new next time! (Hallelujah!) V also got coconut juice to cool off the heat. Their presentation of the juice in a real coconut was unique. The inside secret as well as in any other Thai restaurant is to ask for Thai hot when you really want it hot. It still was not very hot for D's friends.

In addition D ordered a bunch of vegetarian dishes to share - Mushroom mountain, spicy fried rice and some vegetarian noodles. There definitely was plenty of food to go around!

After all this food, we simply didn’t have any space left for dessert eventhough their dessert menu looked fabulous! Well, there’s always a next time.

Dishes were priced between $10 and $14 per entree and the appetizers were around $5 -$6. Service was great. Still my favorite (vegetarian) Thai place close to home although V swears by Thai Peppers in Sunnyvale.

Couple of pointers,

- Get there before 7pm, because it is packed like Thai sardines
- Plenty of parking in the back
- They are expanding and are going to take over the adjoining store. So, wait times should come down
- Ask for the vegetarian menu, they don't give it without asking for it

Enjoy the simplicity of Thai cooking...

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