Monday, July 30, 2007

Dish Dash in Sunnyvale

V and I decided to stick close to home and try "Dish Dash", a Mediterranean place in downtown Sunnyvale. Although not exclusively vegetarian, Dish Dash menu features a separate section for "Vegetarian Entrees". The waiters also seemed very knowledgeable about our vegetarian needs - not surprising since they are based in Sunnyvale which has huge Indian population.

The colorful menu also had a little piece about the catchy name of the restaurant. Apparently Dish Dash stands for a type of Middle-eastern clothing, a kind of loose kaftan. One can be found hanging in the restaurant.

As soon as we were seated in the cozy restaurant we were brought warm pita bread and a place of olive oil with crushed sesame seeds. V had tried the sambusak on a previous visit and liked it a lot, but we decided to go for something else. We ordered tabouleh to start with - it was very fresh and very nicely tangy. We also ordered the M'nazaleh, thinly sliced eggplant grilled and marinated until it just melted in our mouths. We had both the tabouleh and the M'nazaleh with the pita bread.

Our main entree was the "Tabsi falafel". This is quite different from the falafel that one gets at numerous other falafel wrap establishments. For one, the falafel is quite a bit smaller. Also, it is nicely marinated in a tomato-based sauce with garlic and herbs. It went very well with the white rice that came with it.

We finished the meal with a cup of strong Turkish coffee. V asked for some milk for his coffee - not sure if that is taboo! The bill came to around $30 for both of us.

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