Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Super Kyo-po market in Santa Clara

V and I love to explore new cuisines, not only in restaurants, but we also love to do it in our own kitchen.  So living in multi-cultural California is really a boon.  There are 3 Korean supermarkets in the valley and according to the Korean chef at work, the newest one, Super Kyo-po on Homestead in Santa Clara is the best as far as value for money goes.  



So last Sunday V and I wandered in there and tried to figure out what is what.  I wish I could do a comprehensive review, but that would take someone who eats meat and fish.  The fresh vegetable and fruit section was great - we got some wonderful pears, and satsuma mandarin oranges.  From there we wandered into the tea aisle.  Wow!  What an array of teas.  We picked up our favorite genmai cha (brown rice tea with matcha powder). 

In the frozen section, they had Azuki bean (red bean) icecream (Japanese not Korean) and I had to tear myself away.  In the soju section, they had Chum Churrum, the only soju I recognize from Korea.  Ofcourse they had kimchi galore by the tubs and trays and packages, but kimchi usually contains fish sauce - so it's not for us.   In the final section, we picked up some refrigerated lotus root which I will add to a vegetable stir-fry.   Next time, I plan to get Korean seaweed (miyuk) to make soup.  I beleive this is a traditional soup which is made on birthdays.  

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