Sunday, December 7, 2008

Madras Filter Coffee!

Like typical Madrasis, my parents cannot function in the morning without their cup of filter kaapi. And I feel nostalgic just thinking about the wonderful aroma, the sounds of the sizzling hot water poured into the filter and of the milk boiling over.
Amma has bequeathed me with a small filter that I do use occassionally, but it gets used mostly when my parents visit me. I still have to treat V one of these days to a hot cup of filter kaapi, since he has asked me many times already.
For those who don't know, Madras filter kaapi is a special type of latte. It is 3/4th volume hot milk, and 1/4th volume coffee decoction made with the filter shown below, and sweetened with sugar. To get the full experience, one must drink it as hot as one can handle it. So, it is typically served in a "dabara-tumbler" (stainless steel cup & saucer). One pours it from the cup to the saucer to cool it just enough to make it drinkable, and this process also creates a delicious frothy foam on top.

So here's the main implement, the kaapi filter.
To make the coffee decoction - use Turkish ground (fine-ground) coffee, and stuff it in the top section and pound it down with the sieve-like cover with the handle. Place the top section on the bottom section. Pour hot water over the sieve and close the lid. Wait 5 - 10 mins for the decoction to brew and collect in the bottom section.

I submitted this post to Chitra Amma's Kitchen which is hosting a Kitchen Treasure Hunt event! What a wonderful idea!


Dibs said...

oh my ...I will give anything for that lotta and dabra with foaming coffee right now! Thanks for your entry for the Treausre Hunt!

VnV said...

Thank you for hosting such an interesting event. I got your link from Navita's Zaayeka blog and am glad I did!

Aparna said...

I honestly believe (though some may differ with me here) that there's no coffee like Filter Coffee, it's like no coffee I've ever known... :)

VnV said...

Hi Aparna, I tend to agree with you :-)