Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Holiday Season Baking Bug

Every holiday season, my friend K organizes a huge baking party at her place. She designed and practically built the kitchen herself, and it is a pleasure to hang out there with friends. Fond memories! Having moved away, unfortunately I missed the baking gathering last year. When I met K last weekend during our visit to the Sacramento area, she handed me a recipe for lemon bars. That did it! I am picking up the pieces and going solo this year!

V hangs out with me in the kitchen rushing to help whenever something heavy or hot needs to be lifted. But otherwise he has decided not to interfere in my baking sessions, ever since he broke my 12-year old hand mixer the very first time he tried to use it.

Last night I made Acorn Squash-raisin bread and Russian Tea Cookies. Today I plan to make Pecan bars and maybe K's lemon bars if I can find where I put the recipe.

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