Monday, November 3, 2008

Fragrance Land in Cupertino again

Aug 2009 update: Much to our dismay Fragrance Land was shut down earlier this year.

Fragrance Land made the top 10 list on the Bay Area Vegetarians website! We have already written two posts about Fragrance Land: here & here.

Fragrance Land is one of our two favorites that we fall back on when we are too tired to ponder choices. (Dosai Place is the other - that warrants a separate blog post soon!)

So, on a lazy Sunday morning after a decent workout, when V and I didn't want to exert our brain cells too much, we went to Fragrance Land for lunch. Turned out to be a brilliant decision. (V tends to use brilliant a lot every time he comes back from London - I think it is catching!)

We ordered Scallion Pancakes for appetizer, as recommended in one of the reviews on the site. V liked it quite a bit, with the hot chili sauce. I thought it tasted like "parathas", nothing special.

For the main course, V ordered his kung pao chicken with extra peanuts as usual (see picture here), and I decided to try the Salt and Pepper Veggie Fish. Both dishes hit the spot. The kung pao was great as usual with crisp vegetables, thank goodness they didn't change anything. The Veggie Fish was very fishy and flaky and dry. It had a lot of basil and the fragrance made up for the fishy smell.
We were glad to see the place started filling up for lunch on a Sunday morning. Seems like they are doing pretty well. The bill came to around $27 with tax and tip.

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D.S. said...

I've enjoyed Fragrance Land as well - been there several times. I came across your blog through a Google alert on the word "Cupertino" - enjoyed reading this and past articles. Definitely planning a visit to the vegan Japanese restaurant after reading your review!

If you liked Fragrance Land, I think you'll really like the Vegetarian House in downtown San Jose - see my review of this and a small number of bay area veg. or veg-friendly restaurants on this Google Maps page.